Faction Survival Road - Nightmare Challenge


Greetings Survivors,

We’re happy to announce an exciting new event: Faction Survival Road: Nightmare Challenge!

Faction Survival Road: Nightmare Challenge is a limited-time, Survival Road tournament that has the difficulty and rewards dramatically increased. Players will have their skills and teams put to the test in what is the most difficult Survival Road experience we’ve ever created.

Expect to face seemingly unbeatable teams that will force players to think strategically about team composition and combat approach.

Nightmare Challenge Event Format

The format of Nightmare Challenge is similar to other Survival Road tournaments with the following updates:

  • The difficulty at all stages is significantly higher and both milestone and rank rewards are significantly increased
  • The base amount of Survival Road points awarded for every stage will be 1. Thus, completing uncompleted stages will be the best way for players to amass points for rank rewards
  • Each Survival Road level (Bronze, Silver, Gold etc) will now have 50 stages in Nightmare Challenge (instead of the standard 25 stages at each level)

Start and End Times

  • Start: Monday, May 13th at 10:00am
  • End: Wednesday, May 15th at 10:00am


Milestone Rewards

Stage Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
Bronze 4000 League Tokens 4 Epic Trainer 2 Random Gold Mod
Silver 4000 League Tokens 4 Epic Trainer 2 Random Gold Mod
Gold 4000 League Tokens 4 Epic Trainer 2 Random Gold Mod
Elite 4000 League Tokens 4 Epic Trainer 2 Random Gold Mod
Legendary 4000 League Tokens 4 Epic Trainer 2 Random Gold Mod

Rank Rewards

Rank Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 10 Lilith, 8 Ulysses 6 Whetstones, 6 Double Holsters, 6 Magazine Bandoiliers, 6 Hockey Masks 20,000 Faction Assaults Tickets
2 7 Lilith, 5 Ulysses 5 Whetstones, 5 Double Holsters, 5 Magazine Bandoiliers, 5 Hockey Masks 5,000 Faction Assaults Tickets
3 4 Lilith, 4 Ulysses 4 Whetstones, 4 Double Holsters, 4 Magazine Bandoiliers, 4 Hockey Masks 1,000 Faction Assaults Tickets
4-10 2 Lilith, 2 Ulysses 3 Whetstones, 3 Double Holsters, 3 Magazine Bandoiliers, 3 Hockey Masks 100 Faction Assaults Tickets
11-20 1 Lilith, 1 Ulysses 1 Whetstone, 1 Double Holster, 1 Magazine Bandoilier, 1 Hockey Mask
21-50 1 Lilith or Ulysses 1 Knife Sheath, 1 Practice Dummy. 1 Sport Gauntlet, 1 Weapon Tripod

Note on Rank Rewards: In the event of a tie, the faction that achieved the point count first will win the rank reward.

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The rewards are nice. 125 levels is ok for a 2 day tourny. 250 levels is gonna be hard to finish in 2 days without spending a butt ton of money.


that’s a lot of levels in a short period of time. Spenders will certainly win this tournament. Even F2P high active players will struggle with this one.


That’s the true point of it right there


Middle of the week when ppl work mostly but hey lets add 25 stages and make it more difficult.


So are you changing energy Regen rate and cap also? Doubling the amount of energy required for completion and not changing this would be quite silly


It’s good, we’ve been asking for harder difficulty. But one of my favourite things about SR was the completionism on milestones. That’s not going to be possible with multiple levels (will Platinum completion even be possible?). No need for the extra levels. Just make the current 125 harder


Will the energy structure be the same?


Same rewards for every milestone? Is this a typo or is Scopely just really lazy?


60 hours gives you 240 natural energy
Don’t forget to sleep lol


But you start with 8 so go for it


Quit complaining. Some much needed gear even ranks 4-10.


Though i agree about the gear, the logistics at work here are silly af. Straight can gouging.


Not complaining just stating facts

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Appreciate the challenge

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It’ll be interesting to see how difficult it’ll be, so for those worried about the milestones, they might not be able to reach it to begin with regardless of energy cost.

But if it still ends up being easy, I’m personally not worried as the milestones aren’t exactly anything wow, so not completing legendary isn’t going to be a big miss for me.


I doubt it. Most regions are already pre determined in faction standings.


Imagine thinking that 100 faction assault tickets is a reasonable reward for 4th place


Same standard time length. Double the levels. Definitely fooked logistics, bro. I dont care about rankings. They basically made it unfinishable without lack of sleep and serious canning.