Faction Survival Road 29th (30th) December 2017 Start Times

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Disclaimer: Prizes and start times are subject to change.



Just dont understand why faction rewards have to be so low compared to solos :confused:


4800 x 30 = 144000 for first. Your just upset you personal gain is low.

Funny :joy:

Doesn’t this end after the museum collections end?

It does, hence this post. Am now awaiting answers. :slight_smile:


You are wright, they distribute 1 million nuggets for the Faction Survival Road and Solo Level Up :
Solo : (12000) + (7600) + (7 x 4500) + (90 x 2650) + (100 x 1500) + (800 x 700) = 999 600 nuggets
Fac : (1 x 30 x 4800) + (1 x 30 x 3200) + (1 x 30 x 1900) + (7 x 30 x 1000) + (15 x 30 x 600) + (25 x 30 x 300) = 1 002 000 nuggets

Individuals prizees are low but global prize is the same.

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I still think faction should be better to promote teamwork, closer to 1.5x solo event total, would be meaningful while not overwhelming.

Edit - bit unclear. Basically 1.5m total points for a faction tourney.

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looks like i’ll be going off natural e for this one

Natural E, Naturally


No the event ends and then the museum collection ends

Yeah I know, I just said that before the event started cause the calender said that it would extend to Monday

Since the event is past, closing this topic. :slight_smile: