Faction supporter change please


Is it possible that the faction supporter is the leader of the friendly defence team instead of the main defence team please


May I ask why? I assume is so you can have your non-drop leader team up for everyone outside your faction can see and fight.


It’s not a bad idea if it’s true. It’s like in MKX mobile where you can set a champion that your friends use. And it doesn’t interfere with using them elsewhere.


@Khronical that is an even better idea,

@TwoDogg that’s the exact reason Rosa benefits the faction the most, us in regards to a defence leader she isn’t rubbish, same as most other drop leaders.

Also during certain maps guys in one of my factions in one of my regions are low levels and struggle with zombie levels so would be good to put a kenny up or another crit leader another time that’s would leave a weak defence


Not understanding what is wrong with the way it is now. If it were to switch to whatever the leader is on your friendly defense then what is the point of having duels? Further why would you want your better teams for everyone else to see when its not war/raid you would just be giving people to much time to practice on your teams.


Yeah but in the flip side during war and raids (a good portion of the week) my supporter is less helpful to my faction


I never understood why the faction supporter need a team slot. Just let us set him through the profile pic. That gives us an extra team slot to use. Another benefit is that we can use a real defense team


Raid rep means nothing in the grand scheme, not sure why anyone cares if they lose it.


From this I think it is already in the works