Faction Supporter AR's


When choosing a faction supporter, it has come to my attention that all of their AR’s are set to lvl 1.
I noticed this when my Rosa was popping way before my supporter Rosa. So, after the stage I checked it, lvl 1.
Then I checked & every supporter available had AR lvl 1.
Is this a bug or the way it’s intended to be, because we should have it available to us as a supporter, just like the weapon upgrades.
I know when the game adds a supporter for roadmap stages their all lvl 1 & basic weapon’s.
Just looking for some clarification on this.


Just noticed this can confirm it’s happening in my faction aswell (weapons are fine)
@Combatman @CombatDevIl


Ya. I believe CombatDevII already responded in another thread that an issue was already logged for this.


Sorry, I looked before I posted in here, but didn’t see anything.