Faction Support Tokens not being credited on scoreboard


Hi, everybody. My faction has been stuck to 2.900 pts on the event leaderboard since CRW started. No pts were awarded for reaching the first 2 milestones during war, which should account for 20×30=600 total pts. Some faction mates even bought the 100 tokens promo, to no effect whatsoever. Keeping tokens or redeeming them in the stash seems to have no effect.
In-game support is clueless, as usual, so I resorted to the forum, altough first deadline is only a few hours away.
It stinks, since we’re stuck just a few pts below the next threshold.

Are we the only ones to experience this issue (Coffee regione, here)? Are we missing something we didn’t do properly?

p.s.: I apologize for the poor writing, English is not my first language


@kalishane ? Anyone? Sorry to bump this early, but leaderboards will reset soon


We had similar - everyone had over 1k but leaderboard said under 2900. The leaderboard was a random number generator from the start, just gotta hope scopes have it right behind the scenes



@HiImNewHere, you got it right, apparently: week 1 rewards were finally delivered, and we got 2.200 necklaces, which are awarded for >3000 pts.
That is, Scopes got our points right despite the bugged scoreboard which did not show them. Hope this was the same with everybody!

Would be nice to get rid of visual bugs, though.

Thanks @Lastlaugh1 for the nice answer, too :slight_smile:


Excellent to hear. We ended up with 3k. No one said they spent anything but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few $2 offers were involved.

Or RNGesus smiled on us. Either way, not worse that I expected so thumbs up!


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