Faction Support Leader Board Issue


So I noticed yesterday, after my correct score had already shown up, that every time the leaderboard updated that all my faction mates numbers would switch around and not show an accurate number. Here are screenshots of my actual number of clover tokens, and then the updated leaderboard which shows some of my faction mates at different numbers but the same overall faction token. Time stamps in the top right corner.


We saw this the other day. It is exactly the same as the last leaderboard issue where none of the numbers were correct.


Still the same here this morning (Australia)

I’ve got a total of 40 tokens, only showing I have 10 on that leaderboard. Updated every 15 minutes? Nope, still not updated after days


What’s so weird to me is that the first day my entire faction had correct numbers, so what made me go from 130 to 10?


They’ve changed again but still wrong.


Mine hasn’t changed at all over the last couple days. Still saying I have 10 :woman_facepalming:

On another note, the nightmare roadmap is easy as, I’ve been autoing it. The only nightmare thing about it is how many waves there are :joy:


You are lucky, can see leader board. When i push “faction support” icon, open only that (network error on mobile) and that (grey window on nox app player)


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