Faction Support Event


While we wait for Fac Support rewards from week 1, we can freely move between factions, correct? The rewards for individuals were captured when the timer resets, right? Want to move, but don’t want to risk losing those necklaces. Thanks.


I wouldn’t move till rewards are in. BTW what’s the holdup on those?


Because they can.

They’re also “still gathering” the data for CRW leaderboard apparently


It said each payout could take up to 72 hours in @kalishane‘s announcement.


Still nothing. Sigh :anguished:


The last event like this, it also took a while to get rewards, but you could move freely after he clock reset for the week. I ASSUME it’s the same this time. But hate to take the chance of losing that many necklaces.


This event is terrible. I’m sure there will be some mistake that occurs.


The mistake already occurred… why do you think it’s taking “up to 72 hours” for prizes…

That window is a hope and a prayer that they get things figured out by then.


Would’ve been nice getting these necklaces before the end of this level up -.-


Still nothing. I want to leave my faction :angry:


Bump this up no necklaces payout yet.


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