Faction Support Event [Feedback Thread]


Hello everyone! Please use this thread to share all feedback and thoughts on the newest multi-week event:

The Faction Support Event!

:four_leaf_clover: Faction Support Event Announcement!

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Are people allowed to leave factions this week?


I believe it is the same as usual. Faction events you can’t, but are free to in between and during solo events!

I will double check though – good question!

Confirmed. Same as Rise to Power! If you leave, clover tokens stay behind with that faction.



Thanks Scopely, now hackers will have their characters fully updated. Thank you


Is the stash repeatable or one time only?


50-350. 10% each chance. 100 tokens a pull. So bad. Versus the also pointless stash which only takes 380 tokens to finish. Theres no point in getting 200 necklaces when you can get 4 benedicts.

380 tokens = finished stash or 3.8 pulls. 4 benedicts vs 200 necklaces



125 necklaces? Dat amount tho


Finally i can get some legendary tokens, thx Scopely.


Can’t see the leaderboard. Just seeing a blank screen. Should I be able to see it by now or had it not started yet?


@kalishane the amounts of necklaces are way too low for the 100 token cost. Thank God we still get necklaces in the milestones along with the tokens. The necklace wheel is just not worth it.


Its a very good stash whit those trainers it will be easy’r to complete museum Lori


Error code Socket 60

Please fix this.


Hey! I was having the same issue. But I force closed my app and let it reload and now it’s up.


I only see two Benedicts in the stash. Where are the other 2?


So a faction event where the clover tokens are purchaseable lol … scopely so greedy . How about a faction event where only the faction perticiparion counts uh


Did I miss something or did the in game say the opposite about the tickets transferring if changed factions?


Hm Ive tried that but it’s still not working… others in my faction having the same issue.


:frowning: Let me ask around in my faction and see if anybody else solved it a different way. I know a few of us were having issues.


Hmmm. Not fishy at all. The limit for those as of right now being 130 if you nab the offer/do levelup/roadmap. 130 x 30 faction members would only be 3900. GG no re.