🍀 Faction Support Event Announcement!

Faction Support Event!

In the apocalypse your faction isn’t just a group, it’s your family. We know how important those relationships are, and for the first time – we have created an event where when one succeeds, the entire Faction reaps the benefits! Introducing: the Faction Support Event!

Work together to obtain Aquamarine Necklaces for our Limited Time Collections that contain Legendary Gear, an Ascendable Character and more!

Race to the Top!

The Global Leaderboard will show the number of Clover Tokens gathered as a Faction.

Collect Clover Tokens by participating in events such as: Tournaments, Roadmaps, Offers, Premiere Recruits and Coin Sales in the shop.

The number of Clover Tokens gathered will determine your Faction’s Tier and amount of Aquamarine Necklaces rewarded at the end of each week.

Event Schedule:

Event Start: 05/07/18 - Week 1 Leaderboard Start
Week 1 Ends: 05/14/18 (Leaderboard Payout for Week 1)
Week 2 Begins: 05/14/18
Week 2 Ends: 05/21/18 (Leaderboard Payout for Week 2)
Week 3 Begins: 05/21/18
Week 3 Ends: 05/28/18 (Leaderboard Payout for Week 3)
Event End: 05/31/18
Please note: each payout could take up to 72 hours to show up in your Inbox
*Dates are subject to change.

The Choice is Yours

Use your Clover Tokens to participate in the Limited Time Clover Token Stash to obtain Legendary Medals, Ascendance Medals, 5-Star Tokens, a Legendary Trainer and more!


Use your Clover Tokens to participate in the Limited Time Clover Token Wheel containing various amounts of Aquamarine Necklaces!

Aquamarine Collections end on 05/31 at 12PM PST.
Clover Stash and Wheel end on 05/31 at 12PM PST.

*Clover Tokens redeemed in the Clover Token Wheel or Clover Token Stash will not be removed from the faction / community Leaderboard scores.


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