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Hey scopely, a lot of players have duplicate toons sitting idly in their roster while faction members could make good use of them. It would be awesome if you could implement somekind of faction trading system.maybe not for the highest tier toons and gear, i know that would take away some of your profitability, but something below that.heck, you could even monetize it and install a coin cost for transactions. Even then it could be a nice addition and a fun way to make being in a faction more worthwhile.

Edit: night anyone wonder why id suggest monetizing the above, a. Scopely wont do anything against their interests, b. Scopely’s already monetizing everything and they’d probably think of it themselves.

Cheating galore


This. People keep asking for this, and it’s a great idea in principle, but pretty much all possible implementations are either useless or exploitable.

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Not per se if scopely would limit the exclusivity of the tradeable items/toons/gear/resources.

Could help starting players tremendously

The game is four years old. This is not a new idea and the response to it will not be new either.

Spoiler alert

trading toons with faction mates won’t make them as much money as it will if you have to pull for them yourselves

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Thats where the “transaction coin cost” could come in

Step 1 Create a dummy account.
Step 2 Load it with VK bought toons.
Step 3 Use legit account to buy toons from dummy account
Step 4 Dummy account gets banned but legit account keeps toons


People spend hundreds and hundreds pulling for toons. You think they’ll command the same value as a transaction cost?

No, because people would laugh off a £300 transaction cost. Yet then go ahead and do three big pulls and probably not get the toon.

Also, the biggest things is the exploit-ability. Just have a mini-account, load it up with VK goodies. Transfer it legitimately to your main account and enjoy as @Karl_Vella said.

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Scopely could limit transactions to non ascendable 5* toons Max. Ans gear, and resources like building materials and stuff. Wont give “haxors” the edge in war. Help new players.

They already are. New players got either Christa or James for free and Kapoor. 2 S toons. When many started playing the game we got 3star Carl in a 5star era. It is much easier to catch up now than it was 3 years ago. Also, since less people are playing, it is much easier to join a good faction now.

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