Faction SR tourney awesome rewards


What are those horrible milestones, jesus.Isn`t it enough that the faction lvl up tourney has garbage rewards too?


Fook this game…its weekend enjoy life


What’s the rank rewards?


this is the kind of people with hope on their eyes. little do they know its going to get worse


Yo’re on to something maybe Scampely wants us to enjoy our weekend with all these crap prizes pls all factions relax and enjoy their family DO NOT go hard for these prizes jabronis llol


Yet most jabronis will. That’s why they are jabronis in the first place. :smirk:


Lol some good rewards right there. Definitely gonna level up my toons this weekend. Thanks Scopley. You the real mvp.


Didn’t people say they want more faction events? Lol


I actually need a schoolbag or two


Yes with actual worth the effort prizes or at least a match of what goes out for solos…

They drive the desire and activity way down on these things all by themselves and then come back to us about a lack of activity vs solos.


With no token or gear events running this game is a borefest. And those rewards oh boy smh. :unamused:


I kept mentioning that solo tournaments give better rewards, but players were still more insistent on faction events because they want to help their faction. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:



Wow those prizes are like a pre ascension tourney


Yes, because liliths are definitely pre-ascension. :thinking:


Well obviously they’d be Aden’s they are exactly the same if anything u may have picked up on the practice dummy that’s the only 6* thing there…


Sadly it is all playing for necessities . Liliths/Aden needed for AR no fun there. PK/DT needed for weapon fails. Definitely no fun and should have been on the roadmap a few days ago. 5* tokens fodder needed for ascendables. There is nothing other than necessities here. Ohh lets not forget the damn gloves and gear that again should have been on the damn roadmaps that they are revamping the schedule of.


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