Faction SR Top Prize Bug

The advertised prize for 1st place in faction SR was 100k Trophies, yet we only received 50k!

Not receiving the correct prize, despite coming 1st means that we miss out on getting promoted!

You probably got knocked down a rank at the last minute. It happens all the time. Its a faction strategy to hit at last minutes to make the top rankers think they’re done playing when they’re not.

Several players in our faction spent a little money for the last few cans so we could make first place and get promoted to diamond.
This is ridiculous Scopely. You cant just chop and change with no prior warning.

Second place was 90k+ trophies and we did not get knocked down. The report said we got first place

No. We came in first. We all got the popup notifying us.

Well my mistake guys. Send a message to Scopley support. Hopefully they give out a rollback for the right prizes.

Scopely only seems to do rollbacks whem a mistake costs them, not us.

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Well idk what else to do. :confused:

Hi @marks thanks for the heads up on this, and sorry about the issue you encountered.

Have you heard back on it from support?
Please feel free to liaise back on this thread, so I can follow up and make sure this is addressed for you.


Thanks JB. We’ve not heard back yet, but i will update the thread once we do.

What a joke event

This happened to us a few weeks ago and support said they were aware of the issue and working on it. But they never did anything. The week was already over and rewards were incorrect so we didn’t promote. My ticket is still sitting open actually.

This game runs as smooth as

i-cant-believe-its-not-butter-fabio :smirk:

They aren’t going to move factions around and jb knows it.

It’s the same team hard at work sorting the war hack.
By hard at work I mean looking for an office rug to sweep it under, obviously.

Got a reply (two actually) from support. One asking for a screenshot of the rewards I should have received and another asking details about what phone I was using, etc.

I explained again that it was related to the Faction Trophies that should have been given to the Faction total, but weren’t.

So now we basicly should make screenshots of everything just in case Scopely fucks up again?
They have backlogs, they can chevk everything themselves.
■■■■■■■ useless incompetent assholes.

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Support is still working on my complaint for incorrect trophies rewarded since Dec 8th. Where we were supposed to get 175k and got 87.5k instead on final SR tourney.

Happened again with the raid tourney this weekend, we only got 87.5k for 1st. My guess is it’s been happening awhile and not many have paid attention.

Support got back to me and said they would pass it on to the team.
I’d be surprised if they ever correct it :frowning:

Disgusting. If you spent money on this game, contact your carrier for a refund.