Faction SR table bug

Hi @JB.Scopely is this a bug?

My faction is currently in platinum 2 in the faction leagues.

However the table in the Sr leagues shows that my faction is in diamond 2 instead…?

Apologies if this has been already addressed.

The top pic is your factions rank in the league. The bottom pic is you factions rank in the survival road. Once the survival road is over thoes points will be added to the first pics score

Indeed. Well said my friend.

Some tournaments have a different “ranking” depending if it is faction or solo(exept level up tournament for some reason) that gives rewards depending on your current rank but only or most of the time it is only trophies to ascend the league ladder.

After the event end. The faction/player will get that ammount of points in their league ladder. Seeing as the points are obviously given before the event ends… and looking at the image…you have high chances of lossing your position if other factions made it to top 10. It is an ammount of 50k extra points from there to the factions. Hope for the best.

I understand that. But my faction is in platinum 2. I am seeing them in the diamond 2 table instead, that’s what I am reporting.

… wait WHAT!? Okay didn’t see that one coming. Colors are almost the same

What is YOUR current league? If you are platinum then the faction tounrament will show “platinum” plates. Even though your faction is gold or diamond.

I get what you mean, but surely for a faction tournament I should be seeing the table for my faction (platinum 2) instead of a diamond 2?

Then again, you can never predict what kind of thinking goes thru Scopely’s planning…

In my tldr post… I am currently in diamond 2 for solo. For my faction they are in platinum 2. I am seeing my faction being put in a diamond 2 table for SR

If this is intended, then all I can say is… Its wrong.

What is YOUR current league? If you are platinum then the faction tounrament will show “platinum” plates. Even though your faction is gold or diamond.*

That affect the way it shows when you look at the leaderboard of a tornament. It doesn’t show the faction leage but your current league position.

Look, you are DIAMOND. But your faction Platinum. When you look at RANKING when pressing “show leaderboard” the color and symbol that it shows is YOUR current league not your faction. It isn’t a bugg. Was mean to be that way. Why? Who knows. Would made more sense for it to be league current rank plate to show.

Don’t worry though. Your faction isn’t actually playing against diamond factions.

Well, it should show the scores for the factions in my league, yes?

I don’t even know how the factions around me are doing, how do we actually compete? It’s like fighting blind.

I know what you mean, it just doesn’t make sense.

I know! But it shows factions who are on your current faction league. Just, not the one you ARE. So many platinum 2 out there, they don’t fit all in one place. In a way this is similar to cross region wars.

Always asume the top 10 factions in the current league are doing better than yours to push you and your faction. Never asume you are ahead of some of the other factions in your current league. That is how we do it anyway.

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