Faction Settings for Faction Supporters


Having the ability for leaders to restrict certain characters from being assigned as supporters such as specialists. And other types of settings/requirements options for what people can assign as faction supporters.

Anybody interested in that?

In the end it falls on leadership to be assertive of what they’d prefer and for faction mates to be obedient but I thought a built in option or two might be nice.


Yeah that’d be great.
I’m constantly telling my fraction to put dropper up but they never listen.


Yeah great idea. Faction leaders should also be able to set their members’ defense teams and farm for them too.


would be better if you could just choose which supporter you want to use on which player. like you just see the avatar of the player, you click it, and you see his roster of maxed characters. Then you choose which you want to use.


I don’t think you’re taking this seriously :rofl:

I don’t think anyone other than the player should be able to see their roster & set faction supporter, but tbh it’s utterly beyond me why anyone would put up anything other than a drop toon, anything else is just spiteful.


Que idéia ruim, você é líder de uma facção que ninguém coloca drop? Aqui a gente expulsa quando alguém não coloca


Not a leader. And I would absolutely kick them if this were a situation. And I made a point of saying it was ultimately up to leadership and discipline but the option to do this would be nice.

I don’t know if that makes it a “bad idea” but okay thanks for feedback.


Seems unnecessary to me, but we are very assertive and do not have this issue.


This seems like someone wants to micromanage their faction.


Leaders can set what your reputation and level have to be. Didn’t view this as that different. But I acknowledge the consensus.


Valid point there, however I agree this should fall on the leader being assertive and speaking to the defiant member privately. If they fail to comply, then out they go


The fact that this is even an issue speaks volumes on humanity. Only the most selfish individuals would take issue with placing an item drop lead in a support spot that serves no other purpose nor does it have a single negative gameplay drawback to them for not complying.

As Bane said.


Besides its easy enough to ask them to switch it and if there unwilling then either find someone else who will help or move on


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