Faction searching for people or an other half

After a recent split up of our faction were left with 13 persons in Montgommery wave 3b. We were a good faction with active people what resulted in 2x 1st place in CRW and 1x 2nd in the last 3 wars. Now we are looking for new people to reinforce us. or we reinforce them. But we prefer to build up Montgommery as we are trying to do create an alive and competive region. Our stats are 5 Europeans and 8 Americans at the moment and our best player is an S16+ and our weakest is an s9. If your interested, please contact me on line denniskonjo. or here on the forum.

What are your minimum requirements?

No point in trying to reinvigorate a wave 3 region, it is obvious that scopely has marked them for death.

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