Faction rewards


Hey, a small idea for faction rewards. After each faction event give the faction leader 3 bags or crates to hand out to faction members they feel deserve a little extra reward for their performance.

We have a number of low level members who perform well for their level and show great commitment, but cannot achieve the higher points to get the bigger rewards.

Would be nice to give them a bit extra as a thank you for efforts.


I always thought something like this would be a good idea, or have ranks within the faction so the top 3 scorers would get something extra for their efforts. ( if the leader gives them out there is possibility for biased towards certain players ). In my old faction I always liked to show appreciation to top scorers in events and would use the notice board to post the MVPs of each event along with scores. players started to compete for the highest score just to get on the board haha :smile:


Nice idea. But I think most would keep the extra for themselves


I think that would be really sweet.

Also some more incentive for faction members to step up instead of the same ones putting in and the others sitting back putting up minimal points and reaping the rewards.


Hell yeah like the game ball after a football game that would be badass


This is a cool concept. If they were only able to pass it fac mates, it would eliminate them holding on to it. The issue would be potential favoring, but that could be self correcting to keep morale going.

The other great alternative is by giving to those scoring the most. It could pick up all scores for facs.


That’s what milestones are supposed to do, but people don’t even make milestones, like this slacker…


Im sitting on 4200 so milestones are pretty useless once you go over 2000. Absolutely no reward for doubling the top milestone. And my faction is currently on 20000 points so I think this would be a brilliant idea and an incentive for some of my faction members to pull their fingers out.


Plot twist, that slacker is me. Our faction, as a whole, can’t see the value in the rewards for this event


There definitely should be a system to reward faction loyalty beyond a title that provides nothing. If there was a legitimate benefit to staying in a faction and giving effort you would see less faction hopping by players and promote team play.


They don’t even have a system where you can gift a player coins!
We were running a little in faction competition where we would give the highest scoring non-officer a Play GC but had to stop it since that doesn’t work for international players.
I would just like a way to send another player a gift in game.


I have seldom seen a game where you cant gift coins/tokens etc. That is a separate change request and should be listed. I have been in a game where a key player was gifted a new laptop when his broke.