Faction raid tournaments?


@kalishane do you know when the next faction raid tournament is going to be. We havent had one in quite a while and miss it dearly. We have had way too manu solo level ups so it would give us a break from them. If not can you please suggest it to the event maker/people pls.

A Faction raid tourney please

Memories of faction raid for Samurai Jesus when my top1 region faction kicked me to bring in a cheater whom helped them to get the first place still haunts me every time I hear/see faction raid…At least I found a faction in which every member of it became my friends :+1:t2:


Hell yeah bring a faction raid for LE negan, I want to whoop their asses while their half banned hahaha


Whats a faction???


I have 100 cans+ and i want to use them.


Solo level ups. Replies from Kali were “get used to it” lol