Faction Raid rewards


Before ascension took place we were getting 5 stars for rewards.
Now top 3 dont even get enough tokens to do a single pull, hand us trainers as milestones, and food bags.
This is horrible. This doesn’t help p2p or f2p.
Actually its making people quit the game.


I actually disagree on this one, although not about the quality of prizes overall. Faction raid has always had bad prizes. Before ascendance top prize was more often than not a 4* character.


They got you where they want. Lowered your expectations. Thats not what a game should do.


My expectations haven’t been lowered though.


But you eat the crap they give you, without complaining anymore. Like “hmm… was always like that.” Instead of letting it go back to the kitchen till you get something tasty.


I didn’t say i wasn’t complaining. The prizes are shocking. I was disagreeing that they used to hand out 5*s in these tournaments as a point of fact


I get that you’re trying to get a ban. Why not do it by trolling someone else. Post edited due to flag smh


Prizes over all have been rough and lower than normal


My memory is fading, but if I remembered correctly, they only had like 1 or 2 faction raid tournaments that gave a 5* character. That happened in the period where rewards went from really bad(4*s) to really good after the ascendance update was released, then back down to the average of both. So essentially, faction rewards have always been much worse than this, but it was only briefly better and likely changed because the rewards were too good.


I never said that 5s have never been given out. I remember a few. But I also remember a lot of 4s for top prize over the last 2 years. I’m not saying that’s okay, just saying that faction raids, overall, has usually given out worse rewards than other faction tournaments


Yes we won samurai jesus also


That tournament should be the only tournament where 5s were given intentionally for faction events. Non-intention ones would include 5 Abe and 5* Guardian Rick. As an anomaly, players shouldn’t expect the standard to be based off an anomaly, but that perception change is definitely there and undeniable.


~ 8/11 is when Ascension was announced

Faction raid tourney 7/28 - 7/30
15 Slash tokens
3 ultra rare crates
1st place - Blue Morgan 5*

Faction raid tourney 8/25 - 8/27
3x ultra rare bags
2nd place - 5* Blue Margaret


Yea and blue morgan was second a few weeks prior on faction sr. Come on brah that isnt good either.
Lets put this in retrospect…
War I believe they gave shane crit lead for 3rd place
Faction lvl up 3rd place was ascendable Vincent
Granted this was all before ascending took place.
This was a major slap to the face too everyone that had been winning first and second.
That lvl up was drop lead connie 1st hot Rick second 3 vincent 3rd.
Prior connie was a 3rd place prize.
Scopley is absolutely losing people on a daily bases. So much where in convington we arent competing in this raid tourney. 90% of time we are first.