Faction raid rewards this time around

Downright pathetic. A few torches, a few tokens, a few rubix cubes, and for those of us that aren’t in top factions, a few cards. Wtf happened?

I’ve pulled that stupid skull wheel 40 times and don’t have a whole lot to show for it. Torches are cool, but frankly you need a million of them to put a dent in an s class collection. Armory tokens sure everyone needs those, but every event has them.

I guess green cans aren’t worth the click to use them anymore :frowning:


Raids are the weakest faction event imo


Blowtorches are dope rewards.


Yeah, it’s insulting just how stingy they are when it comes to handing out rewards which are nothing more than zeros and ones and cost them absolutely nothing.

I’ll stick to free energy. I see no reason to waste extra cans here.

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You get one. Just one. Totally insignificant when compared to how great the armory is at disappointment.

Not a single trader card up for grabs here.

4 blowtorches izzi pizzi, decent

They know people will raid like crazy this week for league placement. So why bother giving out good rewards :angry:

Very possible. I got my Jason cards, everything after that is probably competition I can’t afford

Like Jank pointed out in the other thread, faction raid rewards have always been awful

It’s not like they give out less rewards though, quite the opposite with the blowtorches being handed out actually. Considering those were like really nowhere to be found not so long ago, this isn’t so bad but yes, faction raids are pretty weak when you make a quick compare with the solo raids

This is not a fair comparison, as 30 people get first place in a faction event, and only one in a solo. Plus, in most regions first place in faction events is always the same, but the members of that faction don’t fill the top 30 in every solo event. That also means that at least 2/3 of the top faction, and almost everyone in rank 2/3 factions, will not get the option to choose the newer toon, but in the faction event they all do.

The proper comparison is a weighed average of the top 30, ranks 31-60, 61-91 etc in solos to the faction event rewards. And that comparison is not terribly unfavorable to faction event rewards.

Cards Armory tokens Crafting items
Solo #1-30 W.A. 82 (246) new or 236 old 30,884 2
Faction #1 420 new or 700 old 28,500 4
Solo #31-60 W.A. 117 old 21,667 1.6
Faction #2 180 new or 300 old 17,800 3
Solo #61-90 W.A. 50 old 15,000 1
Faction #3 120 new or 200 old 12,500 2
Solo 91-250 50 old 15,000 1
Faction #4-8 80 old 9,000 1

Of course, if you at least top 3 every solo event, you will end up with a bit more from a solo than from a faction event (esp for armory tokens, not so much for cards unless you win), but that’s a substantially higher commitment of both time and resources (and literally only three people per region could do that in the most extreme case). Similarly for people in lower factions that get top 10 in every event.

For everyone else, you can expect substantially more and better cards from a faction event than from a solo; slightly lower armory tokens (although not necessarily by as much as indicated above, as high-activity players from lower factions will steal some spots), and more optional crafting items (which also may be of somewhat higher quality, like blowtorches instead of cutting fluid, but that very much depends on the position and the specific raid event).

Very good and interesting explanation, although the rewards of events like raid and road, should be completely renewed in rewards, just like it is waging war with its event of total war.

My buddy, top 50 is fairly the same with the top faction raid so yes, actually it is pretty fair comparison

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