Faction raid rewards being nerfed

As I can remember the previous faction rewards we got 70k or 100k for #1 now it been dropped to 28k for #1, not even enough to upgrade a weapon to 5*, that really demotivated me to take part in this event


I’m not really bothered anymore, just killing the game really slowly


I’m just waiting for the whining about how they are raulito shards, and people already have him/don’t want him and so they won’t take part.


Of course they are nerfed, they need to sell the weekly weapons cache.


main thing thats killing enjoyment for me are all of these mercer teams that wipe you turn 1.

If all your guys are stunned and priya just pew pews everyone even with normal attacks and you dont even get to take any kind of turn then why would you burn cans


I do notice that too(i think we all do at this point). We can wait for player council to address this, thats a pretty peaceful way. Or, we can complain enough until scopely gives up on reducing the rewards lol :joy::joy::joy:

It may look that way… lol

Increasing reward amounts has been a big theme the last week. We were only just talking about war rewards in particular


Oh nice, thanks for u know raising a lot of issues specifically these rewards. Im aware thats a player council’s job of course.

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in case everyone didnt know there is a new FTP game for PS4/XBOX/PC

CoD War Zone. Loads of fun


Uhh, did u post this at the wrong forums?

For those without a magnifying glass…

But yeah, its a pretty shitty move Scopes


Hilarious :joy:. But people still spending so they must be doing something right

Is that why they nerfed them :roll_eyes::mask::joy: got to admit war is a big commitment for some and those rewards don’t even come close

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The player council are generally focusing on war rewards. However, these regular tournaments have not got much attention yet

They have. War rewards was just today, given war was 12 hours ago. Last week all tourneys were under spotlight


Oh nice, thx :grin:

They got the rewards right a few tourneys ago, now we’re back to poopie rewards again, I’m good with it thou :hugs: I’m struggling to care

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I mean i would kinda care for the collectables we get from the tournaments. Even if im not going for the toon, its still good collecting them. But i dont really even care on the current tournament, mostly milestones only i care

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Agreed but I have to do my bit in faction events🤗

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They need a much needed buff not a nerf

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