Faction raid rewards are too low (+ poll)

Why are faction raid rewards so damn low…smh

We finally got several tournaments with good rewards, now we have a weekend event with less than half the nuggets for each place compared to war. The dropoffs are quite high too–3rd place gets basically nothing and after that theres very little motivation.

Sure, raid isn’t war, but in my opinion the nuggets should be higher for each bracket. Also, its been said around here a lot, but please stop leaving empty slots in milestones and rewards. Put something in there even if it’s 4star tokens!

How much will you participate in the raid tournament?

  • I’ll burn a lot of cans
  • I’ll go mostly or entirely on natural e
  • I’m basically sitting out this one

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Alot of us in our faction do not spend for rankings, and we need at least 4000-6000 more nuggets to get wyatt… We would appreciate it if the rewards can be increased to let us celebrate this Christmas with an ascendable… Spread some joy this season!

In the previous faction event, we got 4000, so we were all very satisfied. But now, whats with the major drop? :frowning:

Do they genuinely not get that engagement is lower on faction events because the prizes suck?


For those who were so quick to praise $copely last week for the awesome war rewards, what did I tell ya?

If there’s one thing to learn - any praise is a sign for them to move backwards. This company has NEVER been consistent in their rewards and more often than not has always been a 1 step forward, 10 step backwards.

When they set the bar of 10k nuggets and 12k 5* tokens, there’s completely zero logic in setting such garbage rewards even for a raid tourney.

Keep the praise coming!


thats it.

By engagement Scopely means people buying stuff, not actually playing. And it’s true that in solo SR and raid it can be quite a gold fest whereas in faction it’s nearly not at all. $$$$$$ Dollar first policy

That is weird to me. Maybe people just get off on seeing their name on the leader board.
I myself am much more inclined to spend on a faction event. I don’t really care about solo unless the rewards are something I absolutely need.

Why do people make a poll for every damn event?

It’s obvious the results don’t matter. Stop wasting your time. Wth.

And unfortunately, faction event rewards have sucked for a very very long time.

I miss the old forum, less threads were made, new forum popped up and now we get 50k threads a day lol.


U can see over the past that u get alot less rewards when there are 2 events at once. So this is no surprise to me

Thats because the solo level up rewards are way better than faction events, as you can see. I like faction events and I spend more effort trying to help my faction.

The top few factions always win all the time though, so no point for us to spend anyways. Honestly, there should be faction event milestones, especially when solo event have…

it was actually this guy who was the first five star level up reward for 1st place. Eugene and Morgan was along the ranking too

If you go back even further there was a time that green Abe was given, but that was only because people complained because all the pictures showed green Abe but the prize board showed yellow Abe.

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Of course but tyresse came after for first

If fact checking was derailing then your right it’s your world bud

Compare faction nuggets with solo nuggets…

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I remember a faction level up back in the days of turn 1 teams that offered a 4* yellow Commander as the first place reward. You never saw such numbers. One guy had a score of over 2 million. And this was before 6*, when 2 million was crazy high and impossible to get without tons of hoarding, planning, spending, etc

I figured that was a sign someone on the reward/event team knew what we would push for. I guess that was a fluke.

But yeah, I think there would be more engagement if the faction prizes were less underwhelming. I’ve already seen that happen.

Let’s talk about the praises here.

I’m really digging that no actually employee has been on the forums all day.

Can I get a “what-what” @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now

Just go back to 5* tokens imo, but just give more. You get a bad toon it’s fodder you get a good toon you get a good toon, 5* tokens and gear with some things for whatever bug event it going on

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