Faction raid rewards are actually disgusting

The milestones are absolutely atrocious, beads, mod scraps and a couple Ulysses. But that 1st place reward? Some T3 6* gear and 150 keys. 150? ARE YOU SERIOUS. 1% of Pete Anderson. You really are taking the piss so much now Scopely


only 70 faction wins away from pete…


The rewards are horrible enough but then there aren’t even torches.


Hit milestone 53 boxes opened not one ice cream cone or blue key. I’d say about 50 of them were 50 yangs the least reward you could get!! Way to keep people interested!! Throw us a bone.

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76 boxes an no cones/keys for me


None for me either. Not worth wasting resources on


More terrible decisions. Instead of giving out let’s say 50 with higher odds, they go with 100 and no drops. Simply awful.


Wow didn’t even notice that☹️

Bruh my faction isn’t even using normal energy loool 20+ zeroes

But hey keep up with these pathetic rewards so that everyone can enjoy their real lives.

My faction is first as usual purely because we don’t want the faction that comes second to get a first because they’re obnoxious af and breaking a region-wise set rule against stacking territories

Try rereading what you just wrote… But pretend someone else wrote it?


Like wtf was they thinking with these rewards its not even worth fighting for

Just like every event

But but they are giving keys and cones out in actual raids…

With odds of < 1% no doubt. Over 60 crates and I’m yet to have pulled any cones/keys.

I’m 100% with you these are not even worth fighting for should of been the same as lvl up. What are they thinking ? players council sort this out please.

As for giving keys out in raids that’s a joke no drops at all yet

Edit: 127 crates no s class collectibles

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