Faction raid prizes cut in half

@GR.Scopely why are prizes constantly getting worse? Just over two weeks ago, first place in faction raid got 52k. Now first place is getting 28k? It’s just mind boggling. We see what you guys are doing with the armory tokens. Keep up the great work!


same as sclass items should be 1k like sr and level ups.

Yep. Everything. The boxes contained both file and cutting fluid. Now we’re only getting files.

It just boggles my mind why they keep making prizes worse. Some the raid scores last faction event were crazy because the prizes were awesome. I doubt they get nearly as high.


so they can sell… armory tokens and other armory items coming to offers near you!

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top 10 should get varnishes also, not a single reward there benefits me but I need to hit milestones because I need the league store tokens because I need ■■■■■■■ gear :joy::joy::joy:

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The RNG that Mercer brought made me lose a lot of interest in the game. I expect that this will be the way forward seeing how many spent to get him, and it’s far from exciting.

Rewards for FLU were a little better than usual. But now for Raids worse than before. Rewards are bad overall once you find a good attack setup. What’s the point of wasting resources to get Wangfa or Hengyen etc, and more resources to level them up, when there are better toons? What would I do with any of these S toons when I don’t have armoury tokens to upgrade their weapons?

Barely surviving. New Year’s resolution is to slowly start playing another game. For now giving COD Mobile a try.


Why the fuck would they keep doing this😔 @GR.Scopely

Mercer was a terrible choice to implement. I didn’t think there would be a worse decision than payback, but I was wrong.


Scopely: Hold my beer!

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Payback is indeed terrible. Let’s see here… I have all these offensive abilities, but can’t use them because this magic toon has some sort of reflect damage force field. From what walking dead universe do they draw this crap from?


The same universe Revive came from

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While I also hate that, I could see a character carrying a defibrillator. At least that would make some sense.

Right cuz a defibrillator will cure a triple bazooka hit. :rofl::smile:


Thanks for the chuckle. Almost spit my coffee.

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