Faction raid price

Its who you need for dual specialists if any

Is axel or roxie Worth it?

Worth more than jessie lol

I do need a tough toon to complete my own made have all traits of 6 star

Thanks for posting you daft moron

Look like fake leaks to me. The cones one was the real one they took that screen shot from the 70 dollar offer with one if those toons in it.

Wayland would be nice already have Ryker I don’t have Jessie or Harlan either

Sounds too good to be true…

That box with other things was on the Shop for $75 on the “Combo Wombo” Offer… not sure, so good to be true

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I don’t think that word means what you think it means…


Axel is a great decap, no use for roxie besides a profile pic

I hope its s class items and not these toons

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Kinda want the profile pic lmao

Ryker and Wayland are great toons, but players from every top 1 faction (who will win the event) don’t need or already got them

Many dont have these toons in my fac, wayland would be great and ryker i guess if you wanna go fo axel, tho s class items are better but the amounts need to be increased

150 collectibles? We get 650 for this level up. That is way too low of an amount

Lol fight for those scraps guys

F A I L :face_vomiting:

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