Faction Raid item drops?

Hey Scopely, hey @JB.Scopely, what are the odds either sweaters or yellow gloves drop as raid rewards? Slim and none. I think it’s a colossal oversight, because I know players would rip through cans to GRIND enough for a reward.

Instead of a BS loot crate and a single piece of gear, try relevant items as rewards. Sweaters, mittens, hell even mashed potatoes for those obsolete cards you hope the sheeple will shell cash for.

Anyway, if these collection items are not reward or drops in the tourney ahead, chalk it up as another example of how out of touch Scopely is from it’s customer base.


im guessing if onslaught had no sweater drops, raid will be the same

Speaking of Onslaught… anyone else notice that the drops were complete garbage this time? Last time I got several silver mods and league tokens, this time it was 1 mod and maybe 80 tokens total.

I dropped some silver mods but also so much less trophies and no gold at all…although i have this teammate who claims to drop couple golds every single time pfff

Raids are confirmed to have gloves

how many? like 1 per?

and is it certain?

so far…no drops

It’s cute that some people thought they would drop sweaters or gloves during the raid. :wink:


im guessing now he meant milestones having red gloves, which is a given. the op said yellow gloves, not red.

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Yeahhhhh I was need yellow. Weekend is ruined.

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