Faction raid and faction level up


They haven’t had a faction event in weeks besides war when will they come



Damn whats with all the solo level ups hahah


Solo level ups are Scopely’s bread and butter. Or should I say pancakes and syrup?

I am okay with less faction events during the week though because it can be hard to always play up to the standard you expect in some factions. Solos let you slack if you need to and usually have better rewards. But it is a co-op game, a faction event during the week more often makes sense.


The faction events happen on the weekends without war. So assume next weekend we will get the trio.


I like constant solo level ups, it provides a pretty steady income of rewards. I just wish they started putting better characters as prizes so people would be more inspired to try.

Edit: However, I still wish they mixed more events in. I would love to see more blitz wars for example


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