Faction Raid 2400 Milestone

Just wanna ask, is this intended? The 2400 Milestone with 6000 Elite Tokens? I mean why not torches, trainers or gear box?


Elite item tokens are used for getting trainer’s & gear from the Elite Items wheel.
Which trainer’s are the main source needed to lvl up your toon’s.

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All rewards have been nerfed again, I mean come on what’s this all about😔



July 3:

May 29:

May 1:

March 16:

Number of cards: same as the last two, up from the two before (with the option to get a bit less of newer cards)
Number of armory tokens: same as the last four
Number of optional crafting items: up from the last four; blowtorches are much rarer than machinist’s files, 11-25 bracket gets special item instead of easily farmable one, seems like a straight upgrade

Seems like a buff rather than a nerf.


Yeah, but why not just give us trainers (lets say 3 Basils) instead of elite tokens where we dont know what we are going to pull. Anyways, I think its working as intended. :grin::grin::blush::blush:

Ok well your happy with them nice one👎

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Whether I’m happy with them is not the point. You said they were nerfed, and they are not - it’s the same rewards we’ve had for about half a year; if anything they have been buffed.

Apart from the armoury tokens they all look different to me😉 and a while back we definitely got more of them

Princess isn’t even that great anymore, at least to me.
I already have 3 s-class princesses.

Well, the cards are that week’s tournament rewards, and that changes every week of course. They changed machinist’s files to blowtorches, which is plausibly an upgrade (not as necessary, perhaps, but certainly harder to get).

As for more of them a while back, we can continue:

December 30:

December 12:

Here, the number of armory tokens is double, but this was in December of last year, hardly a nerf this time (and this event may still have been part of the 5* weapon launch event
Note also that this was before all ranks got cards, and the numbers were low then as well(650 first, 225 second)

September 27:

Obviously no armory tokens, as there were none then. Card amounts I’m not trusting the VK archives here, but one of the two is 150 cards.

September 13:

Again obviously no armory tokens. Number of cards is 150 first, 50 second, massively lower than today.

And that’s all the Faction Raid events since Sclass were introduced. One of the eight faction raid events since last September you could make an argument had better rewards. I fail to see how a change in amounts that happened last year, seven months ago, counts as a nerf in this event, in particular as it was not exactly a pattern then - just a single faction raid had higher amounts of armory tokens (and that one had fewer cards and no choice).

Yet your fac is in 1st, so obviously content to burn numerous cans for these “nerfed” rewards… Soooo maybe they’re not so bad? :man_shrugging:

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Raid cans are free, so why not?

This time capsule of event rewards is amazing. If someone put together a timeline like this for all the events I would use it. If for nothing else than to record the history of the game


Come on you know you have responsibilities in factions, ps we dropped to 2nd then back to 1st etc, fighting for these rewards just sucks. Scopley are laughing lol🤗

@DrJank love the records you keep awesome🤗, it’s just more proof in a changing economy that Scopes Never really move on with rewards and keep them at the bear minimum, but I know people like me pushing for my faction definitely have to shoulder a lot of the blame

Haha thanks, but that was just copied from the VK archives, I don’t keep detailed records myself.

Not sure that’s quite fair, rewards went from 150 collectibles for the win to 700, and from a single option to two, from rewards only for the top two to rewards for everyone etc.

They do keep the rewards stable for months if they’re at a place they seem happy with. (Which does not mean that players are happy with them, of course). I don’t mind the consistency too much, personally.

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I don’t know about you, but in my case, I use those faction raid events more than anything to advance in leagues, since individual raids become crazy and a giant expense of drums, fighting for that amount of rewards is currently a bit meh !

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