Faction progression


I’m just wondering what’s the fastest anyone has ever progressed through the ranks in their faction. I was in my last faction for a little over a year and a half and it took me that long to progress from newcomer to co-leader. I joined my current faction on 27 Oct this year and I was made co-leader within a month just wondering has this happened to anyone else that quickly.


I went from factionless to leader in a matter of seconds by creating my own faction.


Hilarious bro, that’s one way to do it lol.


I joined my faction at the start of a war. By the middle of that war, I’d been promoted to co-leader for getting everyone motivated and communicating.

So from newcomer to co-leader in about 18 hours.


That’s fast, my leader said the same because I asked why so quick and he said the way I got everyone motivated. Well done man.