Faction or Solo

VK says faction.

Scopely says solo…

@GR.Scopely Can you confirm what it will be please?

i have a feeling scopley is locking everyone in their factions that they qualified for WoC in. Then they will scan each facs members for who ever is gonna get a ban hammer smack

just dont get frost then get banned lol

Thanks @Phoenix

It is Faction event - I have updated the calendar to reflect this on both the forum and the blog :slight_smile:



can we srs get a better toon?

Russians beat you to it by over an hour…

Why faction sr has choice boxes but fac lvl up no? Choice box in faction event should be standard now. Not everyone want Guo cards in my faction, me too.
@GR.Scopely please take it to the team. If you guys did this in sr, dont stop, do this for all faction events :+1:

Thanks you sir!

Pass and my faction wins almost all of them. You just cant have top faction fast tracking every s class they want. It is bad for the game.

And no one wants 30 to have same toon… let us pick…

They have been swapping them up so not an issue.

it is… be weeks before they put ones up you want…

Better save your choice boxes and win crws and you will be ok

Lmao… 50 a pop 30 a pop random 130… no thanks let us have a single box of 1k of each to pick from and a toon up to princess

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This sr will net me two 6 star Aaravs… like pick 1k of his cards from a single box has all of them up to such and such.

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Why dont just give her to everyone you probably wouldnt be so happy

They give 3k of her from just sr… dont think they care… they got their money from plebs prepaid for her

To top faction what if you finish 4th…another reason people will seek put dead regions there is no benefit to being in competitive region.

rank 4 means your group is dead. Also stop using dumb shit to get around it…

Not everyone is in wave 3 breh


Am wave 2… :joy: