Faction Onslaught Update [Wed - Oct 9]

Greetings Survivors,

We are continuing to make improvements to several components of the game and appreciate your feedback. Based on your input, we decided to make some updates to Faction Onslaught starting this Wednesday 10/09 at 12 PM PDT.

The changes made to this event will be as follows:

  • Match Length: Match length has been reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. No changes have been made to the number of lives, energy or scoring.

  • Matchmaking improvements: We’ve made some significant changes to how matchmaking in Faction Onslaught works:

    • Matches will only be made every 20 minutes. This means that the first match will be made at 12:20 pm PDT, then 12:40 PDT, 1:00 PM PDT, etc. Please allow for a few minutes for matchmaking to process at each interval.
      • This ensures a broad set of options for matchmaking, which will improve the quality of matches
      • While this may increase matchmaking queue times for some factions, it will reduce it for others. We believe it will largely standardize queue times, which will ensure that factions who are consistently queueing should have the same number of matches to ensure a fair competitive experience.
    • Matchmaking will prioritize league level/division, faction strength, and faction size in that order.
    • There is a 15-hour cooldown preventing rematches with the same opponent.
  • Milestones: An Additional 1,000 Faction Onslaught Battle Wins milestone has been added to the Onslaught Mission event. As a reminder, while Onslaught does not have traditional milestones, by engaging in the Onslaught Mission Event your whole faction can earn prizes collectively for how many Onslaught battles your faction collectively wins!

  • Rank Rewards: While we’ve not made changes to rank rewards, we’ve heard your feedback that you’d like to see the rank rewards improve. Our plan is to update the rank rewards once we’ve validated that these matchmaking changes are having the outcomes we expect.

We will also continue to monitor each event as well as gather data and feedback from our community of players to continue to improve the game experience.

The Walking Dead Team


Still extra points for no AR?

Nice work .
See I can say good words when you do a good job .
But your ##### disarm resist mods is a f**** joke


Such a cop out about the rank rewards… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:




I maybe one of the few who like onslaught so I am happy to see some changes. Yes, rewards are still an issue but at least they acknowledge it and plan to make them better (high hopes). I would say that I am not sure about 30 minutes per match but I will wait to see how it goes.


Can you post what the rewards actually are (if your not to embarrassed) Ty🤗

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Why 30 min match and 20 min searchpattern?
Will that ever match up


Worse and worse decisions

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good changes, let’s keep improving

I like this part. I mean I’d rather they were changed now, but I like that you’re addressing feedback on the drawing board and not just the changes you’ve finalised. Without this here I’d have thought this issue was brushed over once again. So good job showing you’ve listened to feedback in this area


No vanilla cake :frowning:



So how can players transfer with all these faction events now scopely? Answers please

they cancelled all factions events and made them solo except onslaught…

No match stil searching like 15min

you get matched on the 20’s

The OP says matches started in 20 minute searches.

20 min mark… nothing