Faction onslaught rewards

So i didn’t claim my rewards from the missions event tab since I was at work waiting til lunch to be able to get on and the event just ended and now they are gone. Hmm great job on not leaving those up so people could claim them after the event.

Does anyone know if this will be sent to our inbox as a way to claim rewards or another round of getting scoplied.

You must be desperate for those 800 league tokens

I think he means the 800 s class collectable

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You’re right, I misread his message, I’d assume it would go to your inbox but who knows.

Damn there was a timer on them, sorry bud

They should deliver on inbox just like they do with missed rewards from Negan

they did not arrive

Hi all,

If you didn’t claim the mission event rewards for Onslaught, don’t worry! These should arrive in your inbox within the next 24 hours. If they don’t arrive by this time tomorrow, please open up a Customer Support ticket and someone will check on the status for you.



Thanks - very decent of you to make these available, and letting us know.


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