Faction Onslaught Milestones Update 11/20

Hello Survivors,

As many of you have noticed, the Faction Onslaught Mission Event rewards are currently missing. Please expect these Missions to begin to appear at 5pm PST today (11/20). As we realize that these milestones are starting later in the event, we will be reducing the requirements to complete the mission objectives by ~25%. Please note that battles completed before the milestones become visible in your game will not be counted towards these milestones. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy the event.



Lol xddd.

About damn time

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That’s nice, but can we have an update on the Last Words event and the gear map issue?


Milestones and Missions are two different things?

Thank you, making us crazy. Lol

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Enjoy you guys are fuck ups

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That doesn’t explain the choice box. Ain’t nobody playing for that crap.

I hate y’all fr fr :sob:

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They deleted my message!! :scream:

Yeah when we asked for milestones, thats what they gave us. So we’ve all just called them onslaught milestones.

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Stop using crack and scrap this shit event, 25% lmao greedy fck company your bunch of scammers

So you guys delayed the event over two hours and let it go live without Missions. And your support tells us no milestones are intended. Do you guys know what you are doing?


Working as intended

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They were testing us and they know it was too much…

I thought that at first but in their post they use both terms synonymously

Be happy they are putting in milestones because you all cried for it. Some of you all you do is complain all damn day geeze

Btw the rewards for 1st place are crap. S class item choice boxes please

So they were either purposefully removed and then are being added later because of the complaining, or they delayed the event 2 hours and didn’t realize the rewards people would be playing for weren’t included?

At least they addressed this fuck up

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Be happy they are putting in milestones. Lmao. One flew over three coocoos nest over here.