Faction Onslaught Matchmaking System?

Has anyone else noticed that the matchmaking system during this onslaught seems very imbalanced.
In the past, we were always matched with like factions that had a mix of s6 - s9 teams.

During this event, every single faction we have been matched with has teams with a strength not lower than s9 with revives and shields and multiple stun weapons. Every single team and every single faction match up.

We are currently in Diamond 1, but seem to be matching with people from Diamond IV and V, but I can’t figure out a way to check faction info using this system.

Has anyone else noticed awful matchmaking?

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Yes we are diamond one also getting top matchups. Its not for f2p factions

Wegrind on events to be diamond but the matching does suck. Dont even get me started on the rewards. Have a ton of unopened bronze mods now

Yes. Every event the matchmaking gets worse instead of better. CRW was a joke. We finished # 20. I was in over 50 wars. Only 10 were below us. I was up against the top 3 teams over 25 times. Ridiculous. Been on this game over 3 years. You would think they could figure it out by now.

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I’m not in a full f2p faction. Many members, myself included, are occasional spenders (some more than others), but we are from a newer region. I’m in Diamond IV myself and have some fairly strong teams, but still struggle. It’s pointless for 80% of my faction mates tho.

Honestly, I never used to mind Onslaught. It was a good way to get trophies and you could take on harder teams, when you had the time, or just auto the weaker members when busy. These match ups have taken away any incentive to even try. When you face a full shield-revive/time-out team in every single battle, it’s not worth trying.


Ours aren’t full f2p but mild spenders as well

Factions that are in diamond have more difficult matchups than those in platinum

I get that, but we seem to be getting matched with Diamond IV and V teams. Surely being in Diamond I should match us up with other Diamond I teams every now and again.

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Oh I agree 100%, just an observation. usually for my faction we go up/down between platinum and diamond, usually diamond for onslaught weeks (after war). But the odd time we were platinum, matchups were much easier

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