Faction onslaught is a joke

We all agree on that. Does characters seems too powerful than usual or it is only my imagination? But a thought came to my head right away. Is scopely manipulating toons to provoke people to play or to spend? Everyone in chats complaining and so many gonna retire after this event.


It is most likely your imagination…


I don’t think they can manipulate player characters xD (or maybe I should say…I don’t think they wanna do that)
I mean…what’s the point? lel

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Want something that breaks bank and breaks the game? Well, Scopes creates those sorts of abominations daily. Have fun being 100 steps behind a spender!

This is literally the entire point of the game. Not to have fun, but to net the developers as much money as possible. And with recent happenstances, this is made painfully obvious.

People are retiring daily thanks to the decreasing quality of everything in this game. We asked for revivers, they gave them to us in bulk. Now it’s almost a guarantee that every team has revives. We asked Scopely to ruin the game, but not at this rate. More and more players have been jumping ship, this ridiculous milking has gotten a little tiresome. Doubt Scopes wonders why the game’s dying, they either give way too little or give something that ends up ruining the game regardless.


Idk why but i find onslaught satisfying when you are stressed out it dosent feel so stressful idk thats just my opinion


The point is to provoke u so u keep playing and besides i’ve seen everyone complaining about it in faction league chat so it is not only me.

I haven’t seen anyone talking about it.
My faction and I only complain about it because of the rewards (still no milestones and rewards didn’t improve)


I don’t mind it but they could have atleast kept raid with it and finally drop a level up for once

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tu imaginación, si tienes un desarme y un decapitar, aun puedes ganar a esos equipos 2 escudos 3 resurrección.

si toda la razón, debería haber premios por “x” numero de puntos, osea hitos porque algunos pasan del evento por eso!

(I used Google translate because I can’t understand Spanish) lol
No habla español.

but yeah, milestone is one of the best ways to motivate people to do this event.

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Provoke people to spend in onslaught? Please. You need only 90 hits out of 300 in the first round alone. Nobody is spending on this game mode.

While onslaught can still be improved, it is MILES better than when it first started.


yo no entiendo ingles! xD

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How many people “retire” after every event?

People retire everyday in a region has been like that since game started. Just now they keep adding new regions so no1 takes the retired person spot

Hahaha nice one

People do “retire” all the time. Factions merge and eventually move to a new region. There seems to be no shortage of players or spenders so do not worry about the game going away. If the game is no longer fun for you I recommend retire and not worry about what others are doing.
This event for me is garbage, a few battles here and there I see the 3 revive 2 shield teams. So far the 1 gold mod box does not seem bad for ~40 wins. Still a garbage event.

what event? i have none running right now.

It’s the super secret onslaught event. If you don’t score a certain amount, a random 6* is taken from your inventory, hence the retirement part :shushing_face:

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No,please I need my harlan