Faction Onslaught First Look!


Lets take a look at the up to 30 vs 30 Faction Onslaught in the Beta!


Faction onslaught= absolute bs.


Looks stupid. It’s just more raiding.

How about come up with something original for us to do.


You’ll have to pay $9.99 for that


You left off a 9 there. It should say, “pay $99.99”. :smirk:


Only for legacy players… it’s $0.99 for new players. Not that anything like that has happened before :rofl::roll_eyes:


so no bonus there for attaque or defense, how the hell can we defeat these tanky teams with modifications?
so if i attaque and fail i hope the actual life of the attaked team will be the same left? if start again and find full HP team in actual team life…
will be complet flaw…