Faction Onslaught Event - 9/25

Greetings Survivors,

We are pleased to announce that starting tomorrow (Wed, Sept 25) at 12:00PM PDT we’ll be launching a Faction Onslaught event! Onslaught is receiving a few improvements in an effort to make this coming event an engaging and exciting experience for all combatants. Below you can find a list of improvements we are making for the event:

  • “Milestones” have been added via Faction Mission Events; players will now receive their choice of 5-Star Recruit Tokens and S-Class collectibles for every 100 battles won as a faction, up to a maximum of 500 Faction Onslaught Battle Victories (awarding a total of 300 S-Class collectibles of each player’s choosing)
  • Each player will only have 1 life but be given 4 energy (for 4 attacks)
  • Periods will be reduced from 3 to 1 and will last one hour
  • Players will receive bonus points for defeating opponents without a rush, as well as for each teammate alive at the end of the match (all other scoring modifiers will be disabled)
  • Minor matchmaking improvements to reduce wait times

Depending on the reception of these changes, we want to bring back Onslaught as a regularly scheduled event! Please let us know what you think of the adjustments so we may continue to improve this experience. We would also recommend reaching out to the members of the player council to discuss your thoughts on the event!

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Team


Nice changes
Hope it have more speed now


Gonna be great to play against all the new s class toons … should make the event really amaze


Will this be per fight or per whole event?
Thats 25 fac members using all 4 attacks. So one fight use 4 attacks each member then sleep and its back to being yawnslaught?

Who am i kidding, you wont answer anything :expressionless:


Idk about this yet. Could be a happy medium. Originally it was the most intensive event at 14 energy an hour. By the time you finished your attacks, the next batch came along. Mid-week too made it a little forced-to-miss. I’m keeping an open mind yet lol


It takes 25 members 4 attacks to do the 100 milestone and if thats it, like no real other rewards or milestones or mod drops, etc. Then everyone log in game, do your 4 attacks and its yawnslaught. It could be good tho, we will see.

Nope let the onslaught die #epicfail b4 it even starts.


Why as a faction? Would be better to give milestone for the person actually playing. Eg. Milestone every 16 successful attacks.


Good changes, still a boring event though.


Always liked on slaught and welcome the changes. Will see how these actually work once event starts.


I’ll wait and see how it plays out

Without rushing too

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I like the thought of casual daytime waring.
Fight when you can and all is invited no ques and we all contribute


Sounds good on paper but in game I don’t know

4 attacks 1 life this will be mayhem if you active

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We are a new high up faction in silver so I don’t know how it will work

Milestones are a improvement but what’s the overall rewards when it’s finished @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Idk why people hate onslaught. It’s basically a faction war and you don’t even have to worry about getting killed too fast against whales. You get to attack even when your dead. Don’t have to worry about coining or cans either.


Is that based on their past reputation to deliver?

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