Faction onslaught cheats


Well what can I say about faction onslaught!

A complete waste of time for one
A pointless event
Ill thought out

But one thing it has highlighted to me is how many ppl are cheating the game.

The amount of 6* toons who are level 1 tier 1 with full ar and active skills plus all gold mods is rediculas.
And then there’s michonne. A 5* shield that even after 3 waves of attacks from an all 6* maxed line up still stands strong.

It really puts me off playing which is a shame as I haven’t missed a day in over 820 ish days (more just as counter doesn’t go back to when I started)

Yes I’m just ranting now :joy:


I haven’t seen this t1 lvl 1 thing you’re talking about, but abs that is working with graze, hp, and def mods behind carl lead is a valid shield. I’ve been seriously slowed by her before. Keep pounding.


Ok I’ll try that combo on my michonne :joy:
I’m not sure if it’s a glitch with onslaught but an awful lot of ppls lead avitar show as stated above (tier1 lv 1) but when you click on that toon when fighting has full skills :man_shrugging:


Seems like a visual glitch with the avatars


Ok then perhaps I’ll recall my rant but still stick with what a waste of time the event is :joy:


I don’t think this is a cheat. I think it’s just a glitch


No that is very possible if you run the toon in the AR mission. They will gain AR but no XP. I have a faction mate who has done it for a 6* he doesn’t use. Took him about 3 months but better than waste valuable Lillith on someone you won’t use.

So that way it is possible to have a T1 Lv1 toon with max AR


100% glitch, every person I click on says their leader is level 1


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