Faction Onslaught - attack recovery within one round

I’ve realized this issue already twice during this event. Sometimes the system starts looking for a new opponent even though there is already an ongoing fight. After some seconds everything seems to be normal again (the points are fine, the number of lives as well). But if one already used their attacks, they have again 8 attacks that one could use, although it was still the first round. I don’t think that it is supposed to be like that.

I’ve seen this happen a few times also

So far that’s the only bug I’ve noticed

I just got an idea what might produce the bug. I am quite sure that it happens, when a member of the faction comes online and still sees the button “Search opponent” (don’t know how it’s named on English servers, but it should be clear what I mean), because the screen does not show that there is already an ongoing round.

At least it happened, when I came online some minutes ago. I look for the onslaught event, no opponent was shown, pushed the button and then saw that the system was looking for an opponent although there were already some points for our team shown during this search, which I could not see before. After the opposing faction was found - against which we have been fighting for several minutes obviously (points, remaining time) - a member told me that she has 8 attacks again.

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