Faction Onslaught 7/24/20

Where the heck is onslaught? Supposed to start at 5PM Pacific. Thats over 10 minutes ago. Lets get this monster started! My faction counts on those rewards to be competitive.

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Fyi - for some reason, onslaught always starts 15 min late. Only this 1 event, no clue why

The SR Wednesday was 1 hr late.

It also ended 15 minutes after the full hour…

Onslaught has control timed searches. So it starts at a weird time & ends searching early for various reasons. I cant recall the search times, think there are two each hour. If your faction doesnt hit the search button by a certain time it will act like its searching and then send you back to the search button. Thats one of two reasons, your faction didnt hit search in a timed window so it stopped the search and made the countdown restart to hit the next search window, the other reason could be that no other opponent is searching, rare but is known to happen. The control timed searches were put in place due to multiple factions never finding an opponent for hours, while other factions had no problem finding matches.

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