Faction onslaight in walking dead road to survival game fun or f'd up,?

so this faction onslaught happened see a lot of fun in it but rewards were worthless and milestones non existen missions for it invovled faction members involvement was neat but were more like survival road section completeion rewards. final rewards 1-3 trainners and league trophies was pathetic. needed milestones with beads and final rewards should have been s class collection items. basically a fun waste of time was hard getting people involved cause rewards were so lame! anyone else have issues?

I liked it, needs more work, better rewards but i like onslaught and hope it becomes a reg event and replaces some events like faction raids, its not all stressful and crazy and was easy to hop on every hour, do 4 hits and then do something else, people are tripping on it tho csuse thats what the rts forums do


i liked it too. in a #2 faction usually everyone gives 120% effort but the rewards just made everyone upset. if they gave better rewards 19/30 wouldn’t have refused too participate. in it its like faction vs faction war in a way. but don’t have too wait for sign ups for the smaller factions everyone can enjoy these . pathetic rewards and no explanation of bonuses (no ar bonus ecetra)you can get is only problems i seen.

Onslaught was a GREAT comic villain.

ok i mean the rts event we just had.

Lol. I know. :joy:

lol ok funny

Enjoyed the unique stuff like no rushes used. Matching was pretty good but rewards did suck. Definitely needed more. Maybe individual rewards like war rewards after each war. Also could use mvp rewards.

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totally agree

Uhh thats like 80% of your fac refused? The rewards were milestones of s class items of their choice, we got the 500 in less than a day and the rest was just keep fighting for fun. The rank rewards arnt worth trying for tho but you all got the milestones at least right? Imo faction milestones should be a thing in all events, with individual milestones and rank rewards, all of which for all events do need a lot of work

Liked the no rush extra point option. This requires different team building. = fun

I found it boring as F, rewards as per nowadays drive people away from taking part and 4 attacks an hour is not entertaining, lots of tweaks needed

I liked it … add milestones and its awesome.

it sucks without rewards simple

The additional challenges like no rushes were fun, but the scoring seemed off by at least a factor of five. Completing the extra challenges should give you a significant boost, but not be the only way to play. Three losses and one no-rush win should not give you several times more points as four perfect wins with rushes.

Rewards were still meh, excluding the faction milestones. I don’t really need trainers (if I did, I would open some of the war bags or Pathways chests/bags), but ok; however, not giving any beyond top 10? A Brady or Burt for everyone certainly wouldn’t be too much. Also, a little something for winning an onslaught, like the war chests please - ok if it’s similar in value, or even the same - get 1 for participating, 1 for winning the match. Currently the only thing you get is more points, which are mostly irrelevant.

That said, I did enjoy it quite a bit, and hope the event will be back regularly, maybe with some tweaks each time like arena. Much, much better than a faction raid.

Liked it much better when it wasn’t 4 hits and boredom for an hour.
And no rush being worth 10x is stupid. Should give a bonus but not to a point its better to win a no rush and die 3 times is worth much more than 4 rush wins

The milestones were okay - that was the main stimul to keep playing the onslaught. Better keep them, Scopely.