Faction nightmare road rewards

If the VK leaks are correct and we are getting collection item choice boxes then I think that’s a huge step in the right direction. And can we please get them on every faction event here on out please.


just to be safe, delete this thread before they realise its a faction road … be SMART


They updated the calendar

yeah but they make these mistakes all the time and revert them quickly, its best to not anger the scopely gods


You think they made a mistake with updating the calendar and the VK made the same mistake?
… ok

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scopely has never made a mistake before


i apologise lol

i just find it better not to post everything on this forum, keep it to Line and discord. wandering eyes tells all


Scopely is in many of the line groups.

This is incredibly demotivating, If they keep this up, I’m not sure theres a point to grinding this game anymore.

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The second picture is that the grey or dark red coloured crates

they would never make a mistake.

They check test and re check and retest and UAT test everything that is released, didnt you know that tsk lol

How is it demotivating? These rewards are great and i am actually excited for sr, my least fav event. After this i will get s class lao po and wang fa


I’m excited about the rewards, much better then what my faction gets in war.

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Yeah like if you get 1st you get 3k collectible, don’t know what’s bad about it

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only 500 for 1st is a bit sucky though. keeps going down and down, Soon it will be 5 for 1st

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There are 6x choice crates.

so its 6 x 500 then ?

Yes, and I think 2nd gets 4x 500

Because there’s no point to grinding anymore, you either get free handouts or you don’t. Someone grinding out top 10 in every solo in a month will get less overall than someone scoring zero in every event [ETA: and play one stage of SR], just because of the faction they’re in.


Technically they have to put a point up to receive the faction rewards.


Sure that’s true for SR as well? I’ve never scored a zero, so I wouldn’t know. But ok, I’ll edit it.