Faction name change $$$$

So you’re telling me…if I wanna change the name of my faction I have to spend 2000 coins…what logical sense does this make…that’s the equivalent of spending 30 us dollars to simply change a faction name…
Also if anyone defends this…I really don’t understand you!!!


Well I think it’s awesome… it should be 10,000 coins

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It can’t be free because people would change it all the time like they do with there names but $30 bucks is crazy. I wanted to change ours slightly when I took it over but not for that amount of money. I think $10 would be reasonable.

Poderiam cobrar 2.000 pra mudar o nick também

Before at least you could just create a new faction if you wanted to change name but now you are forced to stay in the same faction or lose your FA tickets.

Name change should be free imo. Don’t see why people can’t have crazy faction names lol. Maybe have a permemnent name and a changeable display one?

Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! I seem to remember someone else saying that

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I was thinking 5$ like 330 coins maybe

Still, not even 2 pulls at that price. At a 1% chance and then on top of that it’s random which 5-star ascendable or 6-star you get. It’s just not a smart investment. The game has an expiration date.

Just do the pass and gamble on a few pulls a month or do tapjoy for some coins. Do not waste $100 bucks it’s not worth it.

I don’t think there should be any name changes, to be honest. And if you really want one, you should be messaging support. It makes you more accountable instead of just hiding behind another name change.

And also, equating 2,000 coins to $30 is not right. You can get 2,000 coins for $10 from the monthly pass or you can get it for free from offers.

For the name change!!!

Opinions…we all have them

Lol, my bad. Yeah, thats fine then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Opinions are like something else we all have too…hmmmm.


Indeed. And by posting on an internet forum, you’re kind of soliciting others opinions.

Just run down tickets by doing FA and move to a new faction with the name you want. If you can’t manage that, and can’t stump up the coins then maybe you can’t be that bothered about changing the name?

100% underated comment

I wasn’t saying I don’t want your opinion…ease it up

I’m just clueless to why they would charge for that…I did move factions today … Just found out about the charging of a name change and was flabbergasted

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