Faction Missions - Trophies not counted?

Maybe I’m missing something here, if so, I apologize. But for the Weekly Faction Missions, one is 50k ascendance medals if you get 30k trophies. I took 1st in raids for my league today, which alone was worth over 20k trophies. And this stretch alone which started a day and a half ago, I’ve already earned more than 44k trophies. Yet in the Faction Missions it says I’ve only earned just over 11k.

Soooo, something isn’t adding up here. I know the trophies for 1st in raids weren’t added at all. (I think the ones from nightmare SR werent added either, but i can’t remember for sure if the Faction Missions had started by then).

Am i missing something here?

It’s odd, it’s the total from the whole faction for that mission as well. Perhaps click on contribution to see if it updates

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It’s just me and one other in my faction right now. All but 144 of the trophies are from me. Didn’t need to open the contribution to correct tho.

I don’t think ranking in event trophies count only the ones you earned by raiding War etc🤗 If it did one person could complete this first event

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Ah. I’d message support my guess is they aren’t being counted. Might just of been over looked since I think most factions would of hit 30 before the first event

Well, trophies are trophies, regardless where you get them. If that’s the case it should be more specific. But it still doesn’t explain how I’d have over 22k without the raid wins yet it’s still only showing 11k.

Could be an oversight, I agree. But figured I’d check with everyone here first. The people here are so much better than so called “customer support”, and if I’m just overlooking something simple, someone here would probably be better able to explain it than the bots and idiots from “customer support”. :blush:

Your definitely right just looked at it again and it does say Faction trophies but I know we didn’t get them for rankings👍

I know trophies from events didn’t apply to solo trophy missions but if you contact support it might apply to the faction mission. Likely not tho kinda of the way territory battles don’t apply to killing walkers/human missions. Unfortunately it’s not made clear beforehand

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