Faction missions 5+ months later

It’s been over 5 months since we had faction missions which were great and built faction goals and camaraderie that everyone benefited from in the faction. There was an issue where they weren’t working right, it was said they were being taken out temporarily until they could fix the issue and we haven’t seen them back. 5+ months laters I’m curious to ask if the team has an update on this? I’d love to see it back in the game…

The game is boring with not a lot to do besides spend energy for collecting gross bloody sheets right now while we are starved on gear, armory tokens and ascendance tokens. Thanks.


I also enjoyed the faction missions. It can’t be that hard to fix surely.

On a related note the weekly missions have been copy/paste for like a month now. Same challenges and same rewards. I know people are probably happy the level up one hasn’t been back but some variety would be nice.


Make faction missions great again

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Make something great again tbh… anything :wink:


Problem is they probably have to lock factions

Make locked factions great again


pathways is all we need


@GR.Scopely when you have time sir :slight_smile:

Yes this I would spend a little money on

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Bumping this up again, hopefully we get an answer… this was one of the most enjoyable things I seen last year from Scopely.

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Guess there was no money in it for scopely

I’m just waiting patiently for a response on it haha gotta make it past the weekend

I saw this had been opened again the other day, and wondered what the Op was talking about, ( I thought is was a faction assault thing) ? Only now do I remember that yes! We did indeed have a weekly Faction Mission! It was very short lived, but yeah what a great idea it was, setting targets for the team and everyone benefits.

I guess there is an issue around faction hopping to collect multiple prizes, and it was to difficult to police???

5 months - wow.

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Prizes were never all that so let’s get it on🤗

oi that 6 star was okay

Dont mention pathways Ken…it brings the cry babies out.

MAGA by taking a ride on the train

Bumpity bump

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