Faction messages are blank

This started sometime today. Every message in my inbox that has come from a faction member is blank. All Scopely messages are still there in full, but faction ones are just an empty box with the faction member’s defence leader icon visible. Not very helpful!


Stranger still, I just went back to the app and opened the inbox and the messages were there. However, because you can only see the top three I had to scroll down to see the rest. Scrolling down causes the faction messages to go blank, leaving just the Scopely ones. Tried this a few times by closing the game and starting it again. Every time the act of scrolling the messages causes faction ones to disappear.

Ipad mini on iOS 11


Taking a look if we can reproduce the issue here. Thanks for bringing it up

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Can confirm this is happening in iOS 10.3.3 - iPad where they first introduced retina display

Faction mate reports the same thing.

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Still not working

Same issue here. iOS

We weren’t able to reproduce this issue when it was tested. Is this still occurring?

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Happening to my messages too.

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Still occuring for mine too. IOS 11.2.1
Many of my older messages I was saving are also just gone. and I clean my inbox regularly.

I have the same issue on iOS, I can see the previews when I first open messages but as soon as I scroll they all disappear, even when opening them. But if I just open the top few messages, read and delete them, force close the app and repeat I can get through the messages.
Hope this helps identify the bug

Also happening for the past week or so on Android

Anyone know why the support screen is blank? A fac mate is trying to message support regarding an issue and everytime he enters suppprt its nust a blank screen. No FAQ page nothing.

Is there another way to contact support?

Yes, it’s still happening.

If u want to keep ur messages… Don’t contact support about issue… They took it upon themselves to delete over 150 of my messages.

Will still be looking into reproing this issue. Been blocked by another issue, but this will get dealt with.

So I’ve finally been able to get around to testing this with 10 pending messages and the issue didn’t occur. Any other information you can provide with regards to the state of your inbox, or anything like that? @jolieandbecks @Paves

i get this too, when i open my inbox it looks okay, and i can see and open the first few messages, but the moment i scroll down enough for the 5th or 6th message to come into view, all messages from real life people disappear, leaving only the Scopely sent mass-messages visible.

android, version

also, this has been happening to me for at least a week, i’d say. weeks old and brand new messages alike all disappear.

If it’d be possible for someone to post a video of this, I’m sure that would help with either recreating or resolving the issue.

I’ve still been unable to reproduce the issue, but a bug’s been logged.

Not able to video my ipad screen so can’t help with that.

But here are screenshots I just took.