Faction Merge Inquiries

Hello Forum Readers!

UPDATED: Have a group of 12 that would like to stay together. A variety of time zones. All quality players, who are very war driven. Please, only inquire if this is around the number of players you’re looking for.

Posting on behalf of my faction (FSU, Albert region). We’ve had a slew of retirements within the last month, and are considering dissolving our faction. It’s difficult to recruit in general, and to recruit a large amount (8-12) hyper-competitive players to fill in for the burned out veterans we’ve lost is virtually impossible. We’ve been competing at the top for a very long time, and there’s some solid players still interested in continuing to play (they’d prefer to stay together).

Just thought I’d see if there are any other competitive factions out there in the same position, and would consider a merger.

Please, feel free to message me on Line if you’re faction would be interested. I’d be happy to dive into more details. Thanks all!
Line ID: shove1hg

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My faction is full (and we’re not quite open for transfers yet anyway), but you may have better luck in any of the bigger multi region Line chats like I an Negan, Commonwealth, etc. If you want an invite, let me know.

I’ll ping u :slight_smile:

Add me to line: kamilgaard