Faction membership application concerns


Attention Faction Leaders:
I would like to take this opportunity and address my concerns for joining any faction application. I’ve noticed membership requirements are set for high expectation. I understand devotion, minimum level, and reputation are high priority.

A word to the wise, please be attentive to your own faction requirements and be considerate.
Thank you,






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I’ve lost my bloody pencil again.








If you don’t meet a faction’s minimum requirements message a lead in request to reconsider you joining. An active low level will be more valuable than an inactive high level


Thank you for your prompt reply to my inquiry. The information was valuable to me.


I dont think many factions are using those requirements anyway.
Its mainly just to stop all those random requests from strangers.

If you are good enough and fit the faction mentality you will get a invite regardless of your level and rep.


People take faction requirements seriously?