Faction Mate's You Got Lucky Problem


I am going to file this as a bug, or it could be the worst of luck. One of my faction mates has not seen her YGL since the end of September. And it is now the beginning of January. She claims she has the lvl 10 gold missions done, yet still does not see it. Support will not help her, and simply just says “there are some chances it won’t show up in a day, so just keep checking back” so I was hoping you could help @kalishane.


I could take a look if you PM me their account code, but CS is right in this case, and while unlikely, it is possible to not see a specific mission for a long period of time due to the way RNG is.


No. I believe YGL is actually weighted higher in terms of its probability to show up than other regular missions, but that doesn’t mean that it will, since there’s a decent pool of missions to choose from at the point that it becomes available.


The same thing happened to me around the same time, I have an iPhone 7 Plus I went to the App Store on my phone and my game needed an update. I updated my game turned my phone off and then on and in the next 12 hours YGL was in my scavenger missions again. Hope it works for her.


Keep starting and aborting other missions… always shows up eventually


It should be changed to always show available missions rather than 14 missions that are all on cooldown.