Faction LVL up tourney


I had 160k points then i closed the app and came back and now i’m back at zero.


Same with me. Though my score is still in the faction leaderboard. 122k. But milestones are back to zero. :neutral_face:


Same im pissed i need this tourney for the gun and dwight :weary:


Have you characters been levelled? I’ve had it before where I levelled up, the game crashed and it effectively reset. I was on zero but had all my food/gear/characters that I had before it rest.

Of course, this was like after a couple minutes not long enough to be scoring +100k


Yes i just noticed right now wth?!


Yeah they’re levelled


Pulling in @Agrajag and @Shawn.Scopely for visibility.

Thank you for sharing yunghilg!


Please help this is my last chance to get the gun and dwight


Stop putting the lvl up milestones at 150,000 xp - 2,000,000 xp. This whole event was a screw job to your player’s. When every other museum collection you could get all the stuff needed to complete it from stages, raids, reasonable lvl up tournaments, reasonable war tournaments, as you can see multiple places in the game. Many people, myself included what to complete the collection for Dwight like we have for other ones. Please help us & listen to what we are asking you.


In one of the solo level ups, I had points disappear and missed out on one of the rewards. Support told me to play harder to catch up in the next one. Yeah, right.

I’ve hit the first two milestones in every event, 3rd or 4th one in the raid event. I have plenty of barbed wire, but I’m short 150 shirts and don’t have enough resources left from playing in all these level ups to ghet them.