Faction lvl up right after Solo lvl up?

What is the point of this rotation in events?? Just used all my trainers for the solo event and then to run a Faction lvl up event RIGHT AFTER! Could have done raid, survival road, even a blitz war…

Get it together Scopely!

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With a solo levelup this weekend! you get a levelup, and You get a levelup, and YOU get a levelup!giphy%20(17)


Well, you know, there’s an event calendar for a reason. GG.

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having an event calendar doesn’t make it any less stupid of a rotation. With other event choices to use there is no point in a back to back event type

If they are going to do the same event back to back, make it faction lvl up first, so people can go all out then solo and people can then choose to do the solo or not.

They broke faction SR, thats why it was changed… Not sure what the problem was but i assume someone spilled some syrup on the faction SR server:P

Not sure what’s happening on faction level up I’m the only one scored at the minute with 258k yet non memener points have give us 655k hope this carries on :slight_smile: and the score is over 900k

Surely not, but you are dumb enough to blow your entire load when it’s known there’ll be a flut right after the solo levelup.

Faction level ups aren’t worth the time anyway the prizes are terrible and there aren’t even badges in milestones. Hard pass on the whole event. I bumped a 4 star up one level to get rewards at end and won’t do anything else. Gotta pick and choose what level ups to compete in since they have so many now.

The walking dead road to level up


that comment is more true even now with the start of a solo…so solo,faction, solo back to back to back

Almost like they said “Oh you don’t like LVL up events” TAKE SOME MORE MUAHAHAHA

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